Presale has started

Juni 5, 2014

Attention please, all C blasters, Brainfuck shovelers, DIY PHP tinkerers and other IT architects: The MetaRheinMainConstructionDays still have some job openings to fill.

Please apply now at (applicants who provide a photo will be preferred). If you always wanted to be a construction worker for IT security, head to the presale system to grab a ticket and some matching work wear.

Construction management has done tremendous work to present all visitors with a great event. Since sub-contractors and building material needs to be paid prior to laying the corner stone, we need your help by buying tickets during the presale. Also, since most gadgets, coffee cups and textiles are made by us, or have to be preordered, we can only guarantee those for orders made during the presale timeframe.

Good news:
Unlike other construction sites we are planning reasonable, so the prices won’t rise afterwards. We could manage to keep our cheap ticket prices from 2013, so now we’re offering the following:

Jugend-Ticket (0-11 years) 0€
Hackers under the age of 12 years get in for free while accompanied by an adult but are asked to be registered in presale to get their own badge.

Jungarbyter-Ticket (12-18 years) 13,37€
Childlabour ist prohibited, but you can still be a visitor. If you are born after September the 5th 1996 you are only paing a fair price for promoting the youth.
Please bring a good fake ID, so we can pretend checking your age. Breakfeast and gadgets from the Budget Ticket are included.

Budget-Ticket 23€
The ticket for visitors on a tight project budget. Includes the famous MRMCD coffee cup and around-the-clock building site breakfast. You also receive your personal construction site ID, which you can customize with your picture during presale.

Standard-Ticket 42€
In addition to the budget ticket, this option includes some warm feelings, a super awesome piece of memorabilia handmade by the management team, and a whole lot of positive karma for supporting the event and letting us make the event even better.

Supporter-Ticket 133,7€
You have been on enough construction sites, and know that such projects might be a little more expensive every once in a while? Then help us out, and buy a Supporter Ticket. In addition to all benefits of the standard ticket, you also get access to the exclusive building site container with VIP food corner. You will also receive a strictly limited personal thank-you gift from the construction management team.

HDA-Studententicket Budget 8€
This ticket is subsidized by the Zentrum für angewandte Informatik e.V. and is only valid for students of the Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da). It matches the budget ticket, and is only valid with credible student ID.

HDA-Studententicket Standard 27€
This ticket is subsidized by the ZAI e.V. and is only valid for students  of the Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da). It matches the standard ticket, and is  only valid with credible student ID.